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At Gristmill we are passionate about connecting you to your memories of comfort, the fruits of the labor of local farmers, and the irrepressible allure of fire. Our heart and soul is our wood-fired oven where chef and owner Jake Novick-Finder transcends the ordinary, transforming his unique selection of grains, fresh produce and sweet pies into a blissful experience.  Your soul will be filled, enhanced by knowing that all our food is sourced from our partners: farmers we and you can trust.

we understand the relationship between excellent flavor and the environmentally-sustainable and transparent practices of the farms with whom we collaborate. We have a particularly special connection to our farm in Rhinebeck, NY run by Jake's mother, Andi Novick. From Gristmill Farm we've learned that the best soil produces the most delicious and nutrient dense food - feed the soil, not the plant.

Novick feeds the soil by growing cover crops, eschewing all pesticides and making her own compost out of everything recycled on the farm – nothing is wasted in nature and nothing is wasted at Gristmill Farm.

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We are committed to adhering to sustainable practices in our restaurant, too. Nothing goes to waste in the kitchen – every leaf, stem, skin and shell is used to provide you with profound pleasure. Indeed, the proverb, All is Grist for the Mill, means everything can be made useful. And the variation, All's grist that comes to his mill, refers to that person who can make something positive out of anything that comes along.

Speaking of mothers and sustainability, all of our dough is made from our "mother" starter, Daisy, and not from commercial yeast. Daisy's natural tangy yeast fermentation combined with our freshly milled whole grain flours enhances Chef Novick-Finder's ability to tell a mouth-watering story with every bite of our breads, toasts, pastas and pizzas.

From our family to yours.

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OUR chef

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jake novick finder


Gristmill is helmed by chef and owner Jake Novick-Finder, a culinary wünderkind with experience working in some of the nation’s most well-respected kitchens.

Chef Novick-Finder made his culinary debut at the precocious age of 12 with an internship at the now-shuttered Chanterelle in New York City. He launched his own chocolate truffle company, The Jakery, at age 14 and went on to apprentice with acclaimed chocolatier Jean Charles-Rochoux in Paris.

From 2006-2011, Chef Novick-Finder worked as a pastry cook within the Union Square Hospitality Group, first at Gramercy Tavern and later at Hudson Yards Catering and Union Square Café.

Turning his attention to bread, Jake moved to Boston in 2011 to work as a bread baker at Clear Flour Bread and later as Executive Pastry Chef at Ribelle, where he was lauded by Zagat Boston in its 2013 “30 Under 30” list and received four stars and a Best New Restaurant designation from The Boston Globe.

Chef Novick-Finder returned to New York City in 2016 to open Gristmill and has since been included in Brooklyn Magazine’s “30 Under 30” list.

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