Best Grand Marnier Substitute

best grand marnier substitute

Grand Marnier is an orange-flavored liqueur of French brand used widely by professional chefs to add an extra flavor to many dishes. It is unique as it has an oak taste in addition to an orange flavor. It is an important ingredient in various cocktail recipes, desserts, sauces, and mixed drinks. People often drink it with ice on its own.

Grand Marnier is also a good option for marination batters and soups. It is famous in France especially with crêpes Suzette and crêpes au Grand Marnier. When mixed with Cognac, the bitter orange taste gets an extra vanilla and toffee flavor.

However, it’s quite expensive, so people avoid using it.  Why buy an expensive bottle of Grand Marnier for just a tablespoon of quantity for one recipe? Don’t worry! You can get the same delicious taste in cake and desserts by using the substitute of Grand Marnier.

Best Grand Marnier Substitute

Here is the list of the Grand Marnier alternatives easily available and gives the same orange flavor to your dish. Let’s review each of the following to find the perfect replacement for Grand Marnier that works for you.

1. Curacao


Curacao is a liqueur with various varieties such as blue Curacao, the regular one, and rum raisin Curacao. It is obtained from Laraha citrus fruit dried peels grown in the Caribbean. It is a perfect match as it has a similar orange taste. However, Grand Marnier is a tad sweeter.  Always use more Curacao to get a similar sweetness.

Regular Curacao and blue Curacao are used mostly as an alternative in cocktails like Blue Hawaiian, Blue Lagoon, and bluebird.  It also compliments fruit-based desserts by adding more to their aroma and sweetness. Contrariwise if you don’t want the blue color to your cocktail, avoid blue Curacao and stick to the regular one.

2. Triple Sec

triple sec

The ‘Sec’ in Triple Sec means dry. Triple Sec, the colorless liqueur, is made from sun-dried orange peels and alcohol. It has a unique sweet and bitter orange taste. As compared to Grand Marnier, Triple Sec is drier and less sweet. Nevertheless, it is a good Grand Marnier substitute as both are almost the same.

It can be used in a variety of savory dishes. It goes perfectly in desserts like crepes, cake, and crème Brulee. It serves glazing purposes as well. Cocktail recipes such as Cosmo, sidecar, and Kamikaze also require Triple Sec. It is a good option for stews. Its alcohol level is the same as Grand Marnier and Cointreau.

3. Cointreau


Cointreau and Grand Marnier are alike. Cointreau is an orange-flavored liqueur that adds sweetness to your recipe. This fancy liqueur can also be mixed with sugar beets. Since Cointreau has 40% alcohol strength, it is suitable for mixed drinks like cosmopolitan and margarita. It is a fancy Grand Marnier substitute.

Due to its sweet taste, you can use it in baking pies, orange cakes, tiramisu, and crème Brulee. During baking, the alcohol evaporates. Only a teaspoon of Cointreau can enhance the flavor of your mouthwatering dessert.

4. Orange Juice

orange juice

If you are looking for an affordable replacement, Orange juice is the perfect option for you. Orange juice is easily available in your home. You can buy a pack of orange juice or make one at home; any option can work fine. Fresh homemade orange is preferred as it enhances the aroma and flavor of the dish.

Orange juice is used in baking pies and cakes. It also balances the savory and salty flavor of the meat as it caramelizes.  It is also used as an important ingredient of mocktail recipes, sauces, and delicious orange chicken. It also tastes good with vanilla ice cream.

5. Orange Extract

orange extract

Orange extract is the best non-alcoholic Grand Marnier alternative for you only if your recipe can work well without alcohol.  Only a few drops can add a sweet fragrance to your recipe. The orange extract can be used in muffins and cakes to add acidity to tempting desserts. It is also used for making glazes.  A few drops of the orange extract can step up the taste of ordinary vanilla ice cream.

When mixed with soda water or seltzer, Orange extract works perfectly as a Grand Marnier substitute in cocktails. For homemade mocktails, you can add orange extract with other juices.

6. Orange Flower Water

orange flower water

If you are not a fan of alcohol, Orange flower water can work perfectly as a substitute for Grand Marnier. Orange flower water is obtained from the distillation of fresh bitter orange blossoms. It has a bitter yet pleasant taste.

The key to a bestselling dessert is the aroma, as it attracts more customers. Orange flower water gives an aroma to the mouthwatering dessert. However, you can’t achieve the delicious orange taste as it is mild.

When mixed with other drinks, Orange flower water makes a perfect mocktail drink.

7. Orange juice Concentrate

orange juice concentrate

You can take benefit from orange juice concentrate if the orange extract is unavailable.  However, the orange extract has a stronger concentration. Therefore, add more orange juice concentrate for the desirable baked product. Identical results can be achieved in terms of flavor and aroma.

Orange juice concentrate works fine for mocktail recipes when mixed with other drinks. It is an alternative non-alcoholic choice. In comparison to Grand Marnier, it has a stronger orange taste.

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Grand Marnier gives delicious orange flavor to a variety of desserts and cocktails. It is also used in the Cranberry sauce recipe as it cancels cranberries bitterness with its sweetness. However, it’s expensive, and home cooks can’t afford it. Above, we have listed Grand Marnier substitutes and compared them with Grand Marnier so you can easily choose what works best for you.

The comparison also allows you to adjust the recipe to make delicious desserts. Make sure to notice the alcohol strength of substitute when making cocktails and homemade mocktails. Most of the substitutes are easily available in your kitchen and super affordable, like orange juice. The substitutes give the same aroma, flavor, and texture to your appealing dishes.
best grand marnier substitute


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