Best Substitute For Bacon Grease


Have you ever tried using bacon grease in your dish? The bacon grease brings out a unique, flavorful taste and a very pleasant texture to your cuisine. It does make sense as bacon itself is very delicious and mouthwatering.

As you know, breakfast is never complete without bacon, so you can often save its grease and use them for cooking your meal. I bet it would surely enrich your dish with a fantastic taste and aroma.

However, if you’re fascinated by the taste and texture it gives, but you couldn’t use it due to spiritual or dietary reasons. Here’s the best you can use in place of it to get a flavorsome taste and aroma in your meal.

Best Bacon Grease Substitute

Let’s discuss a few of the best alternatives you can use for bacon grease to achieve the desired taste, aroma, and texture.

1. Sesame Oil

sesame seed

Sesame oil is pretty much popular in Asian cuisine. You can also use it as a substitute for bacon fat in most of your dishes, including soups, stews, rice, noodles, sauces, marinades, toppings, and even desserts to achieve the most flavorsome taste. The majority of the people even use it as a topping for almost anything.

Sesame oil is an edible vegetable oil derived from sesame seeds. Besides used as cooking oil, it is also an excellent flavor enhancer. It has a nutty zest and aroma that makes your dishes delicious and mouthwatering.

Additionally, sesame oil is full of antioxidants. It contains other useful compounds that aid the fight against free radicals in the body, along with vitamin E and phytosterols. This reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases. It also has strong anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s good against heart diseases and arthritis.

2. Peanut Oil


If you’re looking for a more tasteful flavor, then peanut oil is a great bacon fat substitute for you. It also has a nutty flavor and a highly pleasant and very rich aroma. However, you need to be very careful while cooking it as it burns pretty fast, and you would never want your dish to taste bitter.

You may use it in your marinades, dips, sauces, and for sautéing. You can even make peanut oil from scratch at home, but that would require a lot of time and hard work.

Besides, peanut oil is rich in vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids, and antioxidants that offer protective benefits against chronic diseases. It also keeps your heart healthy and regulates your blood glucose level. Peanut oil may help you lower your LDL cholesterol, also known as bad cholesterol. Also, vitamin E protects from free radicals, which damage cells and cause some cancers.

3. Olive oil


Olive oil is an excellent plant-based substitute for bacon which is light with a subtle aroma. It may be perfect for any health dish, and you don’t need to worry about cholesterol or trans-fat.

You may use olive oil as toppings or directly in your salad dressings or savory dips. Also, it enhances the flavorful taste of spices and meat when you cook in it. Therefore, it’s suitable for all the dishes, including pasta, curries, fried shrimps, fish fry, bread, cake, and much more.

Besides, it’s full of vitamin E, K, antioxidants, and monounsaturated fats. Therefore, it has a strong anti-inflammatory property, and it may also help prevent strokes. It is also protective against heart diseases, and it is not associated with weight gain and obesity. Reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes is another of its most important factors, along with its anti-cancer properties.

4. Butter


Another option is butter as a bacon grease substitute that resembles lard because of the similar extraction process. However, their physical appearance is different as it’s much softer and creamier than the lard.

Butter is a perfect substitute if you want to opt for some plant-based product. You can easily find plant-based butter in all the nearby grocery stores. You can get a rich, tastier flavor along with an aromatic smell and a creamier texture without compromising your health.

It works well, especially for sautéing and pan-frying and can help prevent sticking while adding flavor. It’s widely popular in baking to add texture and volume to baked goods and desserts.

Besides, it’s high in beta-carotene, vitamin A, E, B12, K2. Therefore, it’s good for your eyes, bones, and skin. However, you should eat it in moderation as an excess of it might be dangerous for you.

5. Lard


Lard has a sharper taste and subtle aroma, especially when you sauté it with garlic and onions. You can get various kinds of lard including, plant-based or sheep, cattle or pork-based.

You can surely swap it with bacon grease to enjoy a highly flavorsome and aromatic meal. They’re great for roasting, grilling, sautéing, frying, and baking. In its solid form, you can use it just like butter. Use a small amount to grease a pan, or add it by the cup full for deep frying.

Additionally, lard is an excellent source of fats that support a healthy heart. After olive oil, which consists of 77% monounsaturated fatty acids. Lard has the most monounsaturated fatty acid at 48%—these fats aid in lowering blood cholesterol levels and maintain healthy cells.

6. Beef fat

beef fat

Beef-fat is a perfect animal-based replacement that you can use in place of bacon grease. It’s great for gravies because of its flavor and enriched spices. However, you need to make sure that you don’t burn your steak and spices while using it; otherwise, it would bring a very bitter taste.

It’s perfect for noodles, pasta, rice toppings to give a mouthwatering savor.

7. Chicken skin grease

chicken skin grease

For chicken lovers, it’s an excellent option. The crispy chicken skin is perfect bacon for non-pork eaters. The leftover grease is perfect for stir-frying, sautéing, and much more. It gives a very flavorsome taste and a very pleasant aroma that you would surely love.

Try using it in almost every dish in place of bacon grease, and we bet you’ll not regret it.

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The bacon grease brings out a unique, flavorful taste and a very pleasant texture to your cuisine. Try using the alternatives mentioned above to enjoy the desirable taste in no time. We have briefed all the veg and non-veg substitutes that bring a very tasteful and mouthwatering flavor and aroma. You can use any of them depending upon their availability and your tastes, bud.

best substitute for bacon grease


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