Best Substitute For Brandy

best substitute for brandy

Brandy is used not just like a cocktail or an after-dinner drink, but in fact, it is also used as an essential ingredient to make your recipes tastier. It is used often in certain dishes like steak and in flambéing classic desserts to give them a mouth-watering taste and odor. Also, it has multiple health benefits like anti-bacterial and immune-boosting action.

Here’s a concise guide to help you know the best substitute for brandy in cooking to make your recipes much delightful and flavorful.

What is brandy?

Brandy is an alcoholic drink produced by distillation of fruits, wine, mash, or pomace. It contains almost 30-60% alcohol and is used majorly as an after-dinner digestif. The taste of brandy depends upon certain factors like the fruit used to make it and its age. However, it’s usually sweeter than wine with the aroma and taste of fresh or dried fruits, flowers, and citrus peel.

Best Brandy Substitute

Brandy provides a delightful taste to your recipe by making it more delicious and flavorful. It enhances your course’s essence by enriching the flavor, texture, and moisture in your recipe.

It’s not a big deal if you’re out of brandy or if you’re fascinated to have the flavor of brandy in your meals, but you are unable to use it by any means. Below we’ll give you fantastic ideas to use substitution for brandy in recipes that will surely satisfy your desire and make your meal more flavorsome.

We’ll also provide you a whole list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic substitutes for it. You may choose whatever meets your longing and whatever is best for your taste bud.

Alcoholic substitute for brandy

1. Whiskey


Whiskey is one of the best alcoholic substitutes that you can use for brandy. It gives almost similar taste and texture to your meal due to being alcoholic. However, a slight variation is detectable as it’s a bit more alcoholic than brandy, but it matches well with your recipes and gives it a pleasant taste.

To make your meal full of flavor, try using a similar quantity of it as you would use brandy because this will help you maintain the taste and keep your dish’s flavor originality.

2. Rum


This type of alcoholic drink is a bit sweet, but you need not worry about it because it will not affect your recipe.

Its sweet taste blends with the mixture well and balances out the sweetness. Hence your recipe gets an excellent brandy substitute with a yummier taste and juicier consistency.

To make your meal super delicious with minimum effect on the actual savor, make sure you add a similar amount of rum as brandy. You may also add water if necessary to further reduce the sweet effect of it.

3. Wine


As you know, brandy, produced by distillation of wine, so wine may be the best substitution for brandy in recipes as it will restore the originality of your recipe without creating any complex flavor or aroma.

Being the absolute and perfect substitute, this brings out the richness of its savor and strengthens your dish’s quality, color, and value by enhancing the deliciousness.

There are multiple types of wine, and you may use any of them. However, we would suggest using a white one instead of the red one as white maintains the real delicacy and flavorful texture.

Also, for a more magical taste, sprinkle some lemon juice or white vinegar to enhance the tastiness’s sparkling touch.

4. Vodka


Vodka is another excellent option as an alternate brandy, especially if you want to bake something because it’s colorless, flavorless, and odorless. Also, it improves the texture without disrupting the main savor of your dish. Therefore, you can achieve a similar flavor with it, and nothing can go wrong using it.

5. Gin


Gin is another excellent substitute, especially when you’re using cooking meat. It increases crisp and herbal tone in your meal but do make sure it goes well with your recipe before using it.

6. Bourbon


Bourbon is another option, but it brings a slightly sweet taste to your recipe, whereas scotch adds a charming smokey touch to your taste buds.

Non-alcoholic substitute for brandy

7. Brandy extract

brandy extract

Brandy extract is a perfect non-alcoholic option if you want to opt for a taste precisely similar to that of brandy.

It is most commonly used in desserts to maintain brandy’s sweetness and give it a mouth-watering zest.

For outstanding results, use one portion of brandy extract and three parts of water directly in the sauce or in the mixture of margination.

8. Apple juice

apple juice

Apple juice is another non-alcoholic substitute for brandy that will do the job efficiently. There is no need to add water; just a tiny quantity, like brandy, is enough. However, don’t forget to mix water when using it for a significant amount.

Although apple juice doesn’t taste the same, it fits nicely into the recipe and brings the same taste like brandy.

9. White grape juice

white grape juice

Another juice to fulfill your need is white grape juice. It suits well with the recipes having pork or poultry as the main deal. Also, it’s an all-purpose substitute and fulfills the need for sugar in your dish. As a result, you don’t need to add extra sugar to your recipes.

Just remember, you can add ½ to 1 tablespoon to replace it with brandy for a delicious result.

Replacement for brandy in cake and fruit cake

If you don’t want to use brandy, you may add two to three tablespoons of brandy extract for the same flavor as with brandy. Another outclass option is to use the same quantity of rum or bourbon, or you can just simply use apple juice instead.

Good fruit cake is incomplete without the use of brandy as its ingredient. However, it would be best if you are worried about it as there are multiple options for it. You may always use grape juice or apple juice as an alternative. Also, orange is a great option as well.

Another great option is utilizing the water of the soaked dried fruits as an alternative for brandy. This gives a natural yet mouth-watery effect to your recipe.

Health benefits of brandy

No doubt, by using brandy in your dishes, you can have multiple health benefits. It improves your heart health, slows down your aging process. Also, it reduces the risk of cancer by boosting your immunity and soothes cold and coughs through its anti-bacterial effects.

Therefore, it is a trusted source for warming and relaxing your body through its boost mechanisms. Moreover, it helps in inducing sleep and regulating your body weight.

Brandy is a well-trusted ingredient to enhance your meal’s flavor through its unique taste, texture, and delectable savor. With its multiple health benefits, it’s an essential component of our meals. In this article, we have discussed a few of the best alcoholic and non-alcoholic substitutions for brandy—also, its benefits and uses.


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