List of Common Spices and Herbs and How to Use Them

List Of Common Spices

Cooking is not just about coming up with a mixture of herbs and salt to shake the taste; it is more related to the use of spices to enhance the flavor. If you are not sure about the difference between cloves and nutmeg spices? This article then provides an in-depth insight into all the common spices, common differences, and uses.

From cardamom to turmeric powder, the article contains a list of all the common spices used daily. Check out the details of each spice under its heading.

List of Common Spices

1. Cinnamon


Cinnamon is mostly available in the market in the form of powder. Still, you can also get it in the form of rolled-up pieces obtained from trees belonging to the genus Cinnamon category.

It’s the most widely used spice all over the world. From tea to cultural food, it is used in various dishes to enhance the taste and flavor. It’s a great addition to cereals, beverages, desserts, and also in medicine. Cinnamon is popular in the Middle East and South American countries.

2. Cardamom


Cardamom is distinctively sweet spice and kind of underrated spices, as most of the people are not familiar with its taste and use, somehow, they have tasted it but haven’t acknowledged it. It’s a pretty expensive spice and not common in many countries.

Apart from its popularity and taste, it is very useful in medicine, especially for cancer treatment and asthma. It prevents the harmful actions of microbes.

3. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

It’s a popular spice because of its heat and flavor and belongs to the Pepper category. With its distinctive taste, it is also responsible for raising one’s body temperature and boosting metabolism along with giving cayenne characteristics of fire.

According to a study held at Purdue University, it was found that cayenne pepper can stave off fat and salt cravings. It is an unpopular opinion that people who use cayenne pepper consume fewer calories food.

Without digging the details, this spice can be used in a variety of savory dishes. It’s an excellent addition to beans, popcorn, and other hummus.

4. Peppercorn


Ground pepper is the most ubiquitous and underrated spice. It often fails to get the attention it deserves. But peppercorn belongs to the pantheon of spices, and in the world, most of the cuisine felt tasteless without it. Its beauty is in the colors; it comes in different colors, and they all are from the same plant.

Black peppercorn is the most common type, and you can see its use in different ways. It comes in dried solid form and can be used in cooked fruits to enhance flavor. You may have seen white peppercorns as well; they are black peppercorns but with skin removed. They are kind of spicy and generally less repugnant. For light-colored dishes, white peppercorn is preferred.

5. Cloves


Cloves belong to the most aromatic family of trees commonly known as Myrtice. Kind of sweet and bitter, but people who like sweet-spicy desserts are fond of cloves. Asia, India, and the Mediterranean use cloves widely in savory dishes such as curries and stews.

Cloves not only used as add on in many cuisines but also in many medicines to cure severe diseases like providing relief from headaches and other oral diseases.

6. Tamarind


It’s a sour spice harvested from the Fabaceae, indigenous to Africa. Its pod-like appearance contains several seeds wrapped in some flashy pulp.

As its harvested in Africa and used in many of its cuisines, it is also popular in Latin America and Asia, where fruits are a distinctive source from soup and sauces. They are considered as natural laxatives and provide relief from fever and sore throats.

7. Ginger


It’s a kind of spicy-sweet spice from the ginger roots. It is available in many forms most of the time it is used in dried powder or on preserved syrup form. Its widespread use is in Pickle to enhance the flavor and taste. It’s also used in cakes, cookies, puddings, and sweetbreads in powdered form.

8. Funnel Seed

Funnel Seed

Having mild and enigmatic flavor fennel seed has a licorice stick and taste like anise. Like other spices, it is used in many savory dishes and the most common ingredient of sausages. It also enhances the flavor of meat and other vegetables. People already know the flavor of Funnel is kind of addicted to its taste.

9. Tandoori Masala

Tandoori Masala

Tandoori masalas are the most popular Indian spices and used in many dishes to make them spicy. Tandoori masala consists of over dozens of spices like black powder, cardamom, pepper, etc. they are used to marinate chicken, meat, seafood, and dozens of vegetables. Tandoori masala, along with yogurt, makes the food spicier and juicier.

10. Paprika


With a hint of smoke and sweetness, paprika is a slightly bitter and somehow spicy spice, derived from dried fruits of Capsicum. Sometimes it contains a mixed type of chili powder or bell peppers. Different types of paprika are available and used in terms of heat and flavor. The dishes that use tomato sauce or Hungarian or Mediterranean cuisine use paprika widely. For egg and chicken recipes, it’s the best combination. Also, it’s a kind of best antioxidant and has antibacterial properties as well.

11. Turmeric


Indian curry and cuisine use many spices to enhance the taste, Turmeric is a key ingredient of Indian curry. It is used in powdered form and holds typical spices characteristics. It is derived from the boiled and dried rhizomes of the traumatic plant and holds orange-yellow ting color.

When it comes to flavor, Turmeric has a slightly different flavor, bitter and has every character that is not everyone’s taste. It can be brewed in tea. But most importantly, it can help in enhancing liver detoxifying functions.

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Spices are the little add-ons that enhances the flavor and taste of any food or cuisine. In many areas, the spices are daily used ingredients of many foods from common drinks to food, a little amount of any spice can change the flavor. Spices do not just enhance the taste, but they can also cure many diseases as they are extracted from natural herbs. Hence, the use of them daily enhances body functionalities.

List of common spices


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