Red Chili Flakes vs. Red Pepper Flakes

red chili flakes vs red pepper flakes

Spice adds a flavorful taste and a pleasant color to your meal, making it even more delicious and mouthwatering. They are simply seeded root, bark, fruit, or other plant parts, commonly used in cosmetics, perfumes, and medicines.

We know that all cuisines are incomplete without spice. It adds a magical touch that blends perfectly well to give a tasteful effect. You may use them in various forms; either roasted, fried, chopped, whole, sautéed, as a topping, and much more.

Therefore, in this article, we shall discuss red chili flakes vs. red pepper flakes which are the two most important spices worldwide.

What are chili flakes?

chili flakes

The chili flakes are a spice or condiment made from dried and crushed whole peppers, including the seeds. You get these by just one type of pepper. Therefore, it has a simple yet very typical taste that is easily recognizable. It commonly includes the Urfa Biber chili flakes, Aleppo chili flakes, and chipotle chili flakes.

You can even make them at home just by crushing your favorite pepper and then dehydrating them using an oven.


As the name suggests, they are red, but the redness varies to a huge range. It includes from the very dark piping red to light hazy red. Note that the manufacturers usually separate the seeds before packaging, giving a smooth texture and consistency to the flakes. Also, each chili used will give a different texture of color and taste.


Since they’re single varietal chile flakes, it’s more on the milder side. It’s a bit mellow, and it may have a sweet tone as well, which depends upon the chili used. However, it gives a twist of hotness too. Moreover, I would consider the red chili flakes a fantastic option for beginners who recently want to switch to spicy food without upsetting their stomach or getting a burning sensation.


You can use this mild spicy flake in various dishes to give them a mouthwatering zest. They’re perfect for savory cooking. You can add them to your curries and Mexican dishes for an excellent heat robust.

They’re popular in desserts and blend so well with chocolate to give a new tasteful flavor that everyone loves. Also, they’re great to add a bit of warmth in salads, pasta, marinades, fries, salsas, dips, steaks, soups, stews, pizzas, and much more.

Health benefits

Apart from adding delicious flavors, red chili flakes are really good for your health. As they’re rich in potassium, it helps in maintaining blood pressure and soothing vessels. It also aids in burning calories due to its common component, capsaicin.

Moreover, it’s filled with vitamin C that helps in combating dangerous diseases. Vitamin C also acts as an important antioxidant which enables it to support your immune system. Besides, the other antioxidants also help in clearing the blockages in the arteries and blood vessels, which helps prevent heart ailments.

What are red pepper flakes?

red pepper flakes

Red pepper flakes or crushed peppers are more complex spice or condiments involving more than one type of pepper. Also, their spiciness is very high compared to the chili flakes as it consists of the seeds as well, which is the main component responsible for the hotness and zest. Moreover, the heat intensity for the chili pepper flake ranges between 30,000 to 50,000.

It mainly includes bell peppers, Fresno peppers, jalapeno peppers, and also Anaheim peppers. However, the most commonly used pepper is Cayenne-type pepper.


The color of red pepper flakes is pretty different from the red chili flakes. Also, it differs among each other too since they’re a mix of different types of peppers.

They are most commonly red and white with some fragments of seeds as well. The red color might be in a huge range too.


The red pepper flakes, also commonly known as hot pepper flakes, comes from the hot to the hottest range. As they contain seed, it enriches the spiciness to a great level. The more the seeds are present, the spicier your flakes get.

Besides, these flakes also have a twist of distinct fruitiness, which blends perfectly well and gives a pleasant aroma to your cuisine. They also elevate the flavors of other ingredients, enabling them to make your recipe a bit complex yet interesting.

However, we would suggest you always read the hotness level or spice tone before purchasing these flakes. This would help you buy the most favorable one like if you want a mild spiciness, go with the one having mellow flavor. While if you are fascinated with the rich, spicy tone, opt for the hottest combo.


These flakes add a fresh, fiery, and zesty flavor with richness of heat to all your dishes. You may include them in your pasta, pizza sauce, salads, eggs, tacos, stews, soups, casseroles, hummus, sauces, dips, shrimps, curries, and lots more.

Health benefits

Just like the chili flakes, they also have high nutritious values. These flakes are great for boosting your metabolism and may aid in reducing hunger. Also, they may lower your blood pressure. They may aid in improving your digestive health, which may help reduce the risk of developing ulcers. Moreover, it may help in relieving joint and muscular pain.

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This article is all about Red chili flakes vs. red pepper flakes. We have tried to brief their important aspects like their color, taste, uses, and health benefits.

The red chili pepper is much milder in taste than the red pepper flakes as the pepper flakes have seeds in them, which is the main source of hotness and spiciness. Besides, the red pepper flakes are a mixture of multiple crushed peppers. In contrast, the red chili pepper comprises single crushed and dried chili.

Therefore, you may opt for any of the flakes in all your recipes depending upon your desired taste and recipe requirement. Note that these flakes bring out a distinct spicy flavor which makes your cuisine more delicious and mouthwatering.


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